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Adaptation Music show 19.08.17 mixed by Tom Conrad & Lonya

Adaptation Music’s latest show was hosted by Tom Conrad along with regular guest and international DJ and producer Lonya. Music on the show from Classic Music Company, Yusuke Yamamoto, Bas Roos, Lucas Keizer, Steve Lawler, Alex Arnout, Hauswerks and more.

Listen to and/or download the show via the link below:


## Artist Title Mix
Adaptation Music 19.08.17 Mixed By Tom Conrad (Adaptation Music / Bonzai Music / Seasons Recordings
01 Yusuke Yamamoto Noir
02 Armless Kid & Queen Rose Loubar’s Stars
03 Lucas Keizer Old Fashioned
04 Yusuke Yamamoto Need You
05 Bas Roos Lazy Chords
06 Sex Sells Perpetrate
07 Steve Lawler Par Amour Chris Carrier Remix
08 Hauswerks Let It Be
09 Leigh D Oliver The MPC Blues Alex Arnout Remix
10 Lucas Keizer Bon Appetit
11 Max Chapman Work It Out
12 Deeper Purpose Roll Up
Adaptation Music 19.08.17 Mixed By Lonya (Asymmetric / Adaptation Music / Transport / Sudbeat)
13 Tracklisting Currently Unavailable

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